"I come from a proud family that has valued hard work to create opportunities. I want to work for you. We need to create a diverse and prosperous Eagle Pass, improve our roads and infrastructure, and make public safety - especially advocating for our first responders, a top priority. With over a decade of improving peoples' lives as a mental health provider, I know what it takes to find solutions, improve systems, and get things done." - Elias Diaz
Investing in Eagle Pass

believe the people of Eagle Pass are its greatest assets. My vision for Eagle Pass is that its people invest in the community and that city policies will provide the best opportunities for its people.

envision a city that retains its talent and calls its talent to come back. I would encourage aggressive and active recruitment of Eagle Pass natives for city staff positions.  I will commit to creating a thriving economy that entices our talented individuals to stay. I will also invest in regional partnerships that cultivate systems in education, healthcare, and local government that keeps our talent here at home. 

Financial Transparency & Accountability    Fiscal responsibility is instrumental to city growth and progress. In my personal and professional life, I have experience in creating something out of nothing. Through innovative ideas and a bold vision I vow to be a responsible steward of public funds, improving programs while respecting budget limitations. I’ll protect infrastructure investments by planning ahead for future maintenance of infrastructure, public places, and streets, preventing costly early replacement and saving taxpayer dollars.

Public Safety
The first step to ensuring a safe community is to take care of our first responders. By ensuring that our first responders have adequate salaries, supportive work environments and access to the tools and equipment needed to do their jobs, we ensure that our civil servants are equipped take care of our families.
I believe that we can create a different future for our citizens to build communities that are driven by collaboration  between our healthcare systems, the school district, City of Eagle Pass and Maverick County. 
Fairness and Equity
I know better than most what it feels like to be out of options. I know that the absence of fairness and equity can lead to poor health outcomes, financial struggles, and sometimes poor choices.
That is why I am boldly and courageously standing up to represent those that feel forgetten or ignored. I will continue to advocate for fair representation, build a culture of unity through community events, and look out for the health and wellness of our neediest citizens.